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I love the connection, the love and the vibes that happen during a wedding. Being able to be a part of that love and happiness for a career is something I am so thankful for. From the hair trial to the big day I got you. During the trial we will discuss your vision and see how we can execute it. I have very fine hair and so I definitely know how to work with it. That has helped many of my brides feel super confident on their day. I want all my brides and their closest people to feel as beautiful as they look!


I was a “covid” bride” scheduled to get married in 2020 but ended up postponing until 2021. My now husband decided to wait until we had 2 daughters and a few extra years before proposing and then a pandemic happened, so he got another year before he walked down the aisle. So if you have had to wait for what feels like forever for them to propose.. I feel you. After postponing and changing almost everything with my wedding and seeing how everything played out, I realized that I wanted to be the one that helped make my brides feel comfortable, ready and confident to walk down that aisle. I will be your biggest fan and cheerleader.


Amanda Robyn 

Why I LOVE What I DO

The first few years of my career I was living in Penticton doing a lot of weddings, which is why it is one of my favourite places to go. When I moved back to the Coast 14 years ago I started working at a salon. I was a full time hairstylist as well as a manager at the same salon for 13 years. I had so many wonderful relationships with my staff and my clients. During that time I also had two beautiful daughters.

The pandemic took a huge toll on my mental health. I felt like the connections with clients that I had made for years weren’t there anymore.  The reason that I loved what I was doing, was gone. Then after 12.5 years I was blindsided by a conversation with my bosses. To be honest, I am thankful for that blindside. 

I chatted with my husband and we decided to make a few life changes. We sold our house and moved back in with my wonderful in-laws and was able to create a space for me to work.So in May of 2022, I quit my job and had my first full wedding season as Amanda Robyn. The shift in my attitude, my vibe, my life took a wonderful turn.

I am now a Badass Boss Mom that has a way better schedule for my children and life. I can have the flexibility of traveling to my favorite places when I want, going to school field trips all while creating hair magic during weddings.

I love waking up knowing I get to have laughter and love surrounding me.

That my work brings joy and that my work makes people feel beautiful. 

Fun Facts About Me!

all Music

Vaca all day

fav shows


Pink and Black Cute No Prob Llama Cartoon Illustration T-Shirt.png
Pink and Black Cute No Prob Llama Cartoon Illustration T-Shirt (1).png

All Music.. But to be honest my music tastes are super random. From Pitbull to Classic Rock, Early 2000s emo music to Backstreet Boys, Lewis Capaldi and of course 2000s pop.

Penticton and Birch Bay are my two fav vacation spots. Walking around the beach. Finding special rocks with my kids.

All reality shows. Anything on MTV. My taste in tv shows is that of a 17 year old girl. The Challenge, Big Brother, Love Island, Love is Blind. I am a sucker for trash tv.

I love llamas so much that they were even at my wedding.

May this be the

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